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Professional solution for searching and downloading files

Download Studio

1 000 000 video files

Popular TV series, cinema masterpieces, cartoons and cult classics. You can find a video for viewers of all ages and all tastes in our video library. Discover the ability to watch videos online in excellent quality with the option of choosing voiceovers and subtitles.

190 000 games

Modern games of any genre and direction - download and play your favorite races and simulators, strategies and arcades - you will be able to find a detailed description, screenshots and detailed instructions on downloading and installing the game you like.

350 000 files

The best modern files. Download and play. Trailers, screenshots, descriptions and installation instructions are attached.


  • Powerful BitTorrent client

    Full-featured BitTorrent client with professional features: DHT, PEX, UPNP, NAT-PMP, encrypting, URI magnet, selective downloads, detection of local peers.

  • Lightweight

    Written on C++, it doesn't require a lot of memory and processor time. When you download BitTorrent at 2.8MB speed, the average memory consumption is 9MB and 3% of processor.

  • Smart download

    Supported protocols: HTTP(S), FTP, SFTP, BitTorrent and Metalink. Download Studio can download a file from different sources/protocols and tries to make the most of the network bandwidth.

  • DLNA server

    The built-in lightweight and fast DLNA server lets you watch downloaded content right away on your TV or phone.

  • Torrent search engine

    A quick and relevant search based on 15,000,000 torrents.

  • Notifications

    Subscribe to unreleased movies, TV series and sports broadcasts so you don't miss them.