Privacy Policy


This document describes the Developer's policy regarding the confidential data of Service users (more - Politics). The policy is valid and can be implemented in relation to any users who accept the offer on the link This policy is used solely for data that the User transmits to the Service and is not related to the data that the User transmits to third parties and services, even if the User has transferred to such third parties and/or services links that have been provided by the Developer's Service.


The service is software that the User (Licensed) downloads on a link on the website and installs on their hardware, according to the offer on the site.

The user - any individual who accepted the offer on the website, downloaded a copy of the software, installed it on their hardware.

The developer (Licensed) is a software rights holder (Service) that the User can use.

  1. Collecting personal information
    1. The following information can be collected, stored and used:
      1. Personal information of the Service user, which the User provides to the Service in person, during the use of the relevant software;
      2. Data that is transmitted automatically, including: ip address, cookies, user browser information, user hardware characteristics, time mark of access to the Service, user requests;
      3. The service in no way checks the validity of the data provided by the User;
      4. The service collects and stores only the user's information, which is necessary for the operation of the Service;
      5. Third parties and services with which the User can enter into a relationship through the use of this Service can collect user data on the basis of their own policies. The actions of such services are the subject of the User's relationship with such services and are not within the responsibility of the Developer.
  2. The purpose of gathering information
    1. The service collects only such user information, which is necessary for the operation of the Service in accordance with the declared tasks, namely:
      1. Identification of the side of communication;
      2. Providing a personalized nature of the Service;
      3. Connect with the user if necessary;
      4. Improving the Service;
      5. Statistical research based on anonymous data;
      6. Targeted ads
  3. Disclosure to third parties
    1. The service may transfer relevant user information to other services in accordance with their regulations, provided that the User consents to such data transfer;
    2. The service can transfer user information to third parties if necessary for the Service to function properly to satisfy the User if the User has agreed to such actions;
    3. The service does not use user information to transfer as an exclusive base for targeted advertising for a fee to third parties;
    4. The service can transfer user information to third parties if necessary for the Service to function properly to satisfy the User, if the User has agreed to such actions;
    5. The service can transfer user information to third parties if required by the current legislation of Ukraine;
  4. International data transfer
    1. Users' data is stored on the Developer's server, which is in the developer's jurisdiction.
    2. User data, which according to this policy is transferred to third services, is stored according to the rules of such services.
  5. Storage, changes, removal of personal information.
    1. The user has the ability to make changes and additions to the personal information stored by the Service;
    2. The user can delete their personal information that is stored on the service. If the User deletes personal information, the Developer does not guarantee the service to function.
    3. The Service developer will always try to provide the User with the features specified in this section, but cannot guarantee this if the stated capabilities of the User's own data will conflict with the user's own data Ukraine's current legislation.
  6. Storage, change, removal of personal information.
    1. The developer can collect anonymous user identifiers of the service for use for analysis, development, improvement of the service;
    2. Cookies that custom equipment transmits to the Service can be used to identify the user, to provide personalized services, to analyze, develop, improve the Service, with the aim of targeting Advertising;
    3. The developer may require the user to accept cookies as a condition for the Service to function;
    4. The structure and content of cookies is an internal matter for the Developer and can change without notice.
  7. The developer states that it will try to make the Service as secure as possible for the User's use and will take all possible measures to ensure the safety of the User's data in accordance with this Policy.
  8. The developer can update this Policy from time to time by publishing a new version on the website. The user is required, from time to time, to check this page to make sure that he understands possible changes in this policy. The developer can notify the User of changes to this Policy by email or through the Service's personal messaging system.
  9. Consent and User Rights
    1. The user confirms that he agrees with this Policy, the very fact of using the Developer's website and/or developer service.
    2. The user has the right to contact the Developer with suggestions and complaints about the work of the Service by email, by sending a letter to the box
Publication Date 25.09.2019